Create Responsive Infants By Sharing (CRIBS)

Filipino families consider children as blessings in life and as the foundation for family security when parents reach retirement age. Unfortunately, because of harsh economic realities, some parents are unable to fulfill their responsibilities to their children and are forced to abandon them instead. 

The partner:  Logo of CRIBS
Create Responsive Infants by Sharing (or CRIBS) Foundation provides temporary shelter to abandoned babies up to 4yrs old. These are short-term placements with foster parents until the children are permanently adopted. Over the years, CRIBS has extended its community assistance by providing a safe house for young girls (between 7 and 17 years old) who became victims of abuse. They receive counseling and find a nurturing environment to assist them in the healing process.

The challenges: 
Good nutrition is essential for a child’s growth. CRIBS wants to ensure that proper health care is given to all the babies under their program.

CRIBS wants the children to realize that all the difficulties in life always comes with a hope for a brighter future. And this they can do with the help of teachers and therapists who can guide the children as they continue rebuilding the pieces of their broken dreams.

Young girls with a background of abuse are provided with art activities and therapy sessions as a part of their healing process. In achieving this for every child, CRIBS needs to have a large pool of volunteers that can help them fulfill their mission.

The possibilities:

Ongoing: CRIBS is in need of:

  • Basic Computer Teacher
  • Database Administrator
  • Visual Arts Teacher/Therapist
  • Performing Arts Teacher
  • TEFL - English teachers
  • Math and Science tutors

Practical info:

Location: Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Specifics about cost, in- & excluded: Standard volunteering fee, excluding meals and accommodation. Near CRIBS is a dormitory that you can stay in
Timeframe: None
Requirements: None
Safety & health: You are obliged to have travel insurance which covers your activities


Madelief giving a tutorial lesson

Being a volunteer in the Philippines was one of the best experiences of my life! WorldActivity Philippines played a major role in this good experience as they received me with a very warm welcome and supported wherever possible. With enthusiasm they organized a great orientation weekend right when I arrived where we learned about the Filipino culture and country and went to some nice places in Manila. Through this I quickly felt very secure and confident about walking around and living in this city. 

I helped CRIBS for a few weeks, a residential home for young female survivors of sexually abuse aged 7-17. Again I received a warm welcome, the girls were interested in me and appreciated my effort and attention. I organized activities in the afternoon and helped them with homework and English. We had lunch and dinner together and soon me and the girls were very much connected. My presence inspired the girls and gave some fun and hope in their though lives. In turn, the girls inspired me with their enormous courage and perseverance. 

During my stay, WorldActivity always supported me. I am very thankful for their effort and the opportunity they gave me to have a safe and unforgettable time in the Philippines!”

- Madelief Buijs, CRIBS volunteer